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Italian case-law on infected blood: leading the way for strategic litigation in the United Kingdom?

Dragone Loffredo Cestaro & Associates Law Firm has been defending infected blood victims (herein after “IBVs”) for over twenty years. Dragone Loffredo Cestaro & Associates attorneys have been litigating before Italian courts and the European Court of Human Rights, representing IBVs who have been transfused in hospitals, or hemophiliacs who periodically take blood products.  For this reason, we […]

Italy’s Legal Case Against Pfizer Likely to Be Civil, Seek Financial Compensation*

A legal case that Italy intends to open against Pfizer over COVID-19 supply delays is likely to be of civil nature and seek financial compensation, a lawyer specializing on vaccine issues told Sputnik. On Tuesday, Italian infrastructure and transport minister Paola De Micheli said on Rai 1 tv channel that the Legal Council of the […]


The world appears to be no longer the way we knew it. Across the globe, governments have taken unprecedented emergency measures in response to the ongoing pandemic crisis. Countrywide lockdowns are imposed to protect public health and safety. Movements are restricted, borders are closed. Non-essential factories and businesses are shut down.  The pandemic crisis has […]