Stefania Carrer


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Stefania Carrer graduated in European and Transnational Law from the University of Trento with a first-class honour’s degree (110/110 e lode) in 2014. She wrote a degree dissertation in International Criminal Law, entitled: “Judicial Reponses to Rwandan Genocide: the Role of the ICTR and Gacaca Courts and their Interaction”.

During the academic studies Stefania strengthened her legal background through participating in a ten-month LLP Erasmus Programme at the University of Trier (Germany, 2011/2012), deepening her knowledge of German law and language. In 2013 Stefania got a first insight into the practical dimension of the legal profession undertaking an internship at the Criminal and Civil Registries of the Court of First Instance of Trento.

After completing her studies, she gained highly qualified professional experience. In 2014/2015 Stefania served as an intern in the Appeals Division (Chambers) of the International Criminal Court (ICC, The Hague, Netherlands). Working closely with the Judges and legal officers of the division, she conducted legal research and analysis on substantive legal issues related to international criminal and humanitarian law. After the experience at the ICC, Stefania successfully applied to the Hague Institute for Global Justice for a legal internship in the Rule of Law Program. During her time at The Hague Institute, she researched on the criminal justice reforms of six different Western Balkan states, and on other topics such as the intersection of law and diplomacy, working in close contact with the diplomatic staff of different States.

Stefania undertook her legal traineeship at the law firm Studio Legale Dragone e Avvocati Associati Loffredo e Cestaro and at the European Commission – DG NEAR (Bruxelles, Belgium, 2016) as a Bluebook Trainee.

Since 2016 Stefania is member of the editorial board of the online law journal “Giurisprudenza Penale” and writes on international and European criminal law issues.

Stefania joined the Venice Bar Association in 2018. She currently works as a lawyer in the field of civil responsibility and international Human Rights protection. In relation to the latter, in 2017 she attended an advanced course on Human Rights protection before the European Court of Human Rights, which took place at the Campus of Human Rights of EIUC (Venice).

Stefania is fluent in English and has a good knowledge of German, Spanish and French.