Marta Guarda


Phone +39 041 5040148


Marta Guarda graduated in Law from the University of Ferrara in 2001 with a master dissertation in business law.

In 2004 she became member of the Venice Bar Association and since 2008 is a partner of the Law Firm Studio Legale Dragone e Avvocati Associati Loffredo e Cestaro.

She deals mainly with civil law matters, both in judicial and extra judicial settlements, focusing especially on civil responsibility issues and compensation claims, medical negligence, compensation and allowance for damages caused by blood infections and vaccination, human rights protection before the ECHR, credit recovery against the State and the Public administrations.

In particular, in relation to healthcare law and medical responsibility, Marta has taken to trial cases of medical negligence (damages caused by misdiagnosis, in-hospital infections, negligent medical practices, childbirth damages) and several compensation claims for infected blood, dealing not only with the rights of the main victim, but also with the claims of the secondary victims (such as the close relatives suffering the knock-on damages)

Marta has assisted numerous victims of infected blood, blood products and vaccinations in the proceedings leading to the recognition of the social allowance granted by laws nr. 210/1992 and 229/2005. 

She also deals whit cases of road-traffic accidents and accidents at work.

She speaks fluently English, French and Spanish.

She has contributed to the publication of the book: “Responsabilità medica: danni da trasfusione e da contagio” by Massimo Dragone, Giuffrè, 2007 and has collaborated with the website, commenting leading judgments and writing articles such as, among others:

  • “Prestazione medica: obbligazioni, oneri e responsabilità”;
  • “Negata rivalutazione degli indennizzi per danni da trasfusioni: il D.L. 78/2010 al vaglio della Corte Costituzionale”;
  • “Risarcimento del danno morale ed esistenziale alle gemelle spagnole separate per errore”;
  • “La sottoscrizione dell’apposito modulo non prova la sussistenza del consenso informato”
  • “Danni da trasfusioni. Responsabilità del Ministero e prescrizione”

She took part, to mention some, in the following seminaries and courses:

Corso di Introduzione al diritto penale Europeo” organised by Camera Penale Veneziana (2018);

Corso di diritto dell’Unione Europea” (eng. European Union Law course”), organised by Consiglio dell’Ordine degli Avvocati di Venezia (eng. Bar Association of Venice).

Nuove questioni patrimoniali nella famiglia in crisi” (eng. New matters of assets in a family in crisis”) organised by the AIAF, section of Venice.