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Human Rights protection

Our firm is strongly committed to human rights defence, which we pursue in every area of activity, in civil, criminal and administrative law.

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Medical negligence

Whenever a person undergoes treatment or seeks the advice of a clinician, a huge amount of trust is placed in that clinical professional’s hands.

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Civil responsibility

We believe that anyone who has suffered a personal injury, that is an injury or illness that has been caused (or made worse) by someone else’s negligence, has the right to seek a just compensation.

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Family, succession and inheritance

Our firm has decades of experience in helping people resolve family disputes: personal separations, divorces, breach of cohabitation, matters of parental responsibility.

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Labour and social law

Labour and social law disputes require a deep knowledge of the specific legislation.

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Real estate

Real estate law is a sector in constant evolution, following the economic and social changes which our society faces.

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Contracts and company law

We believe that behind every successful business activity there is a well-drafted and complete contract, especially in the present era of on-line trade and transactions.

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Criminal, administrative and tax law

Civil law and human rights issues often have implications in criminal or administrative law, therefore we provide assistance to our clients also in these related proceedings.

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Our Firm

Our firm Studio Legale Dragone e Avvocati Associati Loffredo e Cestaro has been working for over twenty years all over Italy and before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR, Strasbourg), offering a professional service which is scrupulous and attentive to the needs of the person. Our qualified expertise comes from the high-level experience gained by our lawyers in the different areas of law.

Our purpose is the protection of your rights and interests.

For the client and with the client”: each and every case entrusted to our lawyers goes through an in-depth examination of all its specific aspects, in order to provide an answer which is tailored to the requirements of justice, and to offer an efficient and complete legal service.

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Justice is done

I nostri ultimi successi…

E’ stata promosso giudizio ex art. 702bis c.p.c. avanti il Tribunale di Busto Arsizio per richiedere il risarcimento danni (oltre € 400.000,00) da malpractice medica di un uomo che ha subito gravissimi danni alla persona a seguito dell’esecuzione di una coronarografia. Anche la moglie del danneggiato ha richiesto nel giudizio il risarcimento dei danni “riflessi” subiti a causa della macroinvalidazione del congiunto.

Si è conclusa transattivamente, con il pagamento da parte della compagnia di assicurazione del risarcimento del danno, la controversia pendente tra una donna e una clinica dentaria avente ad oggetto i danni cagionati alla signora da incongrui/imperiti interventi (cura canalare con perforamento della radice del dente e riscontro della presenza nella gengiva di un frammento di strumento endodontico).

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Silvia Marzaro